Data analysis and interpretation preparation tips for Indian Bank PO


Data Analysis and Interpretation preparation tips for Indian Bank PO? Indian bank was established in 1907 and headquartered in Chennai. It has 20,924 employees, and 2836 branches across India and is one of the top performing public sector banks in India. Indian bank has issued a notification for the recruiting of probationary officers. With the online registration and payment completed the prelims and main exams are to begin for the same. Indian bank has in collaboration with Manipal School of Banking requested applications for the admission to a one year Post graduation Diploma in Banking and Finance. Once the course is completed which is 9 months long, there will be a three months training and on the successful completion of it will be placed as Probationary Officers. Indian bank probation officer’s or Indian Bank PO preliminary exam is divided into three parts: English language, quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability. Data interpretation has a major part in the Quantitative Aptitude section for any banking exams. Interpretation is the process of making sense of numerical data that has been collected, analyzed and presented. Interpreting the data is also an important skill that helps comprehend textbooks, graphs and tables. Most of the questions that are asked in the Data Interpretation section are based on arithmetic: Ratios, Averages and percentages. So it is very important to have a clear understanding of these topics would make the exam comparatively easy. Typically, the questions on DI would involve:     

Pie charts Line Charts Bar Graphs Tabular Charts Mixed graphs

For example, data presented in a bar graph could assume different types of questions based on the same data:       

Sum or Difference based Average based questions Ratio based question Percentage based question Probability based questions Data Sufficiency Table/Illustration – related questions

In banking exams and also in most of the competitive exam one of the important type f questions is Data interpretation, commonly known as DI , and Data analysis . This is easy scoring section if you have gone through ample amount of practice for this type questions. 1(2)

Download Here : Indian Bank PO Admit Card Data Analysis and Data Interpretation in Indian Bank PO Mains On Indian Bank PO Mains examination, the section Data analysis and interpretation has a weightage of 60 marks . This becoming the top most scoring section just as reasoning and computer aptitude in Indian bank PO. This Data analysis section in Indian bank PO exam will comprises of 35 questions in total , and the time frame you get to clear this section will be just around 45 minutes . So you get more than 60 seconds for answering one question in this section. Expect 8-12 moderate questions in this section as usual .You chances to get into merit list can be improved by getting more marks on this section and answering 25 questions or 30 questions correctly in this section can help you lot in your results. 

Data Interpretation is a topic in Quantitative Aptitude which can be quite difficult and time – consuming unless the basics are very familiar.

Learning Mental calculations like the square and square roots of all numbers from 120 and their cubes and cube roots would be very helpful.

It would be very helpful to use approximate figures in order to reduce the time to find the actual answer.

It is very important to read and re read the questions thoroughly or there is a chance of ending up solving different problems which are not asked for in the first place.

Practicing on the topics that is not very comfortable over and over would be a great idea to increase the speed of solving and also doing so would improve confidence in solving the difficult to crack questions.

Just as time management is important accuracy is equally important along with speed. So getting the answers fast is good but getting the right answers is also a must.

Not using calculators while practicing actually helps because it improves the speed of making mental calculations which is the best practice.

Like every other banking exam practicing a lot, taking Indian bank PO mock test series online solving previous year’s question papers, making summary notes for revision after each chapter, Revising constantly, writing down important formulas and tricks would be a great idea for this too.

Accuracy, Practice, Smart calculations, strong basics of arithmetic is all a must and sure shot way of being successful at the Data Interpretation and analysis section of the Indian Bank PO Exams.



Data analysis and interpretation preparation tips for Indian Bank PO

Data Analysis and Interpretation preparation tips for Indian Bank PO? Indian bank was established in 1907 and headquartered in Chennai. It has 20,924 ...

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